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Find out everything you need to know about bourbon from Bourbon Street to bourbon whiskey.

Bourbon Street Hotels

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The heart of New Orleans’ cultural hub- French Quarter, Bourbon Street is the most celebrated and popular tourist attraction in the United States. The rocking Street is the “epicenter” of the entire hot action of New Orleans, the city often dubbed as the most sensuous, soulful city in the world.

Situated right in the middle of the French Quarter, Bourbon Street is parallel to no other street in the world. The street has become synonymous with partying, carousing, bashing, merrymaking and non-stop sensory pleasures. The “Bourboning Capital” of New Orleans is the year-round partying destination of the U.S.

Bourbon Street is the most coveted destinations for partying, carousing, and bashing. The Street offers highly vivacious, dazzling and colorful nightlife. The Street attracts bulks of tourists. Extremely popular among the locals and the tourists, the street attracts volumes of crowd everyday.

Bourbon Street is famous for bars, bears, beauties, and balconies. Fully stuffed with bars, souvenir shops, strip clubs, and sex shows, the street also has a few nice restaurants, jazz clubs and hotels. Bourbon Street hotels are few, but are sheer expression of elegance and opulence. Bourbon Street hotels store countless amenities for the tourists and visitors. The Bourbon Street hotels are the prefect dwelling places for those who intend to have drinking vacation, fun vacations, partying vacations, carnal vacations, etc.

Some of the popular Bourbon Street hotels and nearby include Bon Maison Guest House (835 Bourbon Street), Chateau Sonesta (800 Iberville Street, located on overlooking Iberville and Bourbon Streets), Hotel Royal (1006 Royal Street, located 1 block from Bourbon Street), Hotel St. Marie French Quarter (located just half a block from Bourbon Street), Inn on Bourbon-Ramada Plaza Hotel (the Hotel with balcony rooms, located 541 Bourbon Street), Lafitte Guest House (1003 Bourbon Street), Place D'Armes Hotel French Quarter (625 St. Ann Street, Adjacent to Bourbon Street), Prince Conti French Quarter Hotel (830 Conti Street, Adjacent to Bourbon Street), and Royal Sonesta (300 Bourbon Street).

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