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Bourbon Street During Hurricane Katrina

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One of the most devastating and ruinous hurricanes, Hurricane Katrina (2005) was the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history. Hurricane Katrina was the 6th strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded and the 3rd strongest hurricane on record. The hurricane is estimated to have caused the damage of $81.2 billion U.S. dollars.

Hurricane Katrina had the catastrophic effects on the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and in coastal Mississippi. The heavy rain on Louisiana, and the heavy rain, storm surges, and heavy winds from Katrina severely weakened New Orleans’ levee system. There was extensive failure of the levees and flood walls protecting the city. That caused flood in the French Quarter, Bourbon Street during Hurricane Katrina. Several canals in the city were breached that subsequently caused 80% flooding of the city and the adjoining areas.

The French Quarter, Bourbon Street during Hurricane Katrina, also did bear the deadly effects of the deadliest Hurricane. The French Quarter experienced heavy flooding. The Quarter streets post Katrina were choked with pick up trucks, environmental suction trucks, dehumidifiers, grease and garbage removal trucks, Entergy trucks, and media folks searching the post Katrina stories.

The street used to full of fun and fun loving guys and gals however Bourbon Street during Hurricane Katrina was full of clean up and recovery people. The Hurricane had caused immense havoc in the Street, entire French Quarter, New Orleans. The repair and remediation work was on. Midnight curfew was ordered. Bourbon Street, which was known for its gay and jolly notes of music, was not seemed to be reciting a number of elegies.

However, lots of waster has gone under the bridge. Let the bygones be bygones, Bourbon Street is once again the most vibrant street of New Orleans. It’s again the street flourishing with guys & gays, and bars & babes.

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